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Prompt Training

Speech Pathologists are the only professionals with the prerequisite knowledge to apply PROMPT in the holistic manner in which it is intended to be used. Therefore, only Speech Pathologists are trained fully to provide PROMPT therapy.

Workshops are offered all over the world and can be viewed here.

To become fully trained in PROMPT, a clinician must complete four essential steps to be able to fully understand the PROMPT technique and apply it appropriately to patients. These steps must be taken in the following order.

1. Introduction to PROMPT: Technique

This 3 day intensive workshop focuses on teaching the technique of PROMPT. The training is hands-ontactile-kinesethic input and emphasizes the need to integrate this into a holistic therapy approach. Due to the hands-on nature of this course a maximum of 22 participants are allowed. Please note that due to the hands-on training workshop attendees cannot have long fingernails when taking the workshop.

Click here to view the Introduction Workshop Schedule

2. Bridging PROMPT Technique to Intervention

This 3 day course teaches clinicians more about the technique of PROMPT but also focuses on setting appropriate goals and objectives for the individual within the PROMPT framework. This training assists clinicians to enable therapy to be incorporated across a range of setting, including the home environment, while maintaining a focus on the key needs for the individual to assist them to develop to their potential. Due to the hands on nature of this course there is a maximum of 24 participants.

Click here to view the Bridging Workshop Schedule

3. The PROMPT Technique Self Study Project

This project was developed for practicing Speech-Language clinicians to help support their learning of PROMPT Technique and provide direct suggestions about assessing, selecting targets and executing a PROMPT focused treatment plan with a particular patient. This project may be completed any time up to Certification.

4. PROMPT Certification: A self study project

The clinician is expected to provide a detailed assessment (similar to the guided experience in the Bridging workshop) of a patient's abilities across all domains and develop a holistic intervention plan that includes the selection of priorities on the Motor Speech Hierarchy to develop motor-phonemes and words for use within functional, interactive contexts. Parent / caregiver strategies and goals will also be developed.

All PROMPT workshops are small and learning is primarily "hands-on". The instructor, participant ratio is no more than 1-14 and requires that each participant be "prompted" or helped directly by the instructor(s).

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