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2020 Research Grant
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The PROMPT Institute, a registered non-profit organization, is dedicated to investigating and promoting holistic, dynamic, multi-sensory assessment and interventions for individuals with speech production disorders.


As part of our mission statement the Institute aims to improve our understanding of the dynamic interactions between cognitive-linguistic, social-emotional and physical-sensory domains by developing, and participating in treatment and clinical research, involving dynamic multi-sensory systems, for children and adults with speech-production disorders.


2020 Motor Speech Research Grant


Supported by The PROMPT Institute


Deadline for receipt of applications: March 31, 2020                                         


Nature of competition:


The PROMPT Institute, invites grant proposals of up to $100,000 (US. Dollars). The research grant to be awarded for 24 months. Funding Period: Start date April of applied year. Final funding amount is commensurate with the scope, significance, impact of proposal and number of other applicants during the year.






  1. Open to all investigators who have received a research PhD in communication, physiology, neuroscience, cognition, social interaction or experimental psychology etc.

  2. Applicants may also be clinician but must provide a written letter of support from an established research mentor or senior researcher who has agreed to closely supervise the project design and execution.  


Eligible Research:


All proposals should seek to advance basic or applied research related to clinical or theoretical aspects of the Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) approach. Research funds may be used to initiate new research, or supplement an on-going project, which reflect the following areas.


Eligible Research Areas:

  1. Speech motor control and coordination.

  2. Sensory-motor integration in speech development and recovery.

  3. Speech subsystem development and control.

  4. Interaction between cognitive-linguistic and speech motor domains.

  5. Experimental phonology and Linguistic Gestural Modeling.

  6. Speech motor practice and learning.

  7. Kinematic, Aerodynamic and Acoustic studies of speech production.

  8. Neuroimaging and bio-potential (EMG/EEG) studies.

  9. Treatment efficacy and effectiveness studies.

  10. Outcomes research.


Evaluation and Selection Process: Motor Speech Research Grants are competitive and all proposals will be reviewed and selected by the PROMPT Institute Research Advisory Committee.


Evaluation Criteria:


Reviewers will assign scores on a 1–10 scale for each of the following five criteria:

  1. The significance and impact of the research.

  2. Quality of methods (design, measurement and analysis plan).

  3. Budget and feasibility of study.

  4. Strength of the clinical and research team, and research facilities available.

  5. Innovation.


Proposals will be ranked using these criteria and a reviewer consensus approach will be used to determine the final proposal to be accepted.


Proposal Requirements:


All proposals must be in APA format, font size 12 and Times Roman, and include all the required sections described below. Incomplete proposals will not be considered for funding.


Required Sections:


I. Title Page (2 page limit)


Proposals should contain the following information on a separate title page (for blind review):

  • Title of the Proposal

  •  Principal Investigator and contact information (email, phone & institutional mailing address)

  • Co-Investigator(s) and contact information.

  •  Ethics approval from appropriate Research Ethics Board (REB). If REB approval is not available at the time of submission, it must be obtained prior to start of project (note: funds will not be released until REB approval is obtained.)

  •  Signatures: All applicants must sign and date the application.  


II. Research proposal (Must not contain any identifying information of researchers- For Blind Review) – DO NOT exceed 10-page limit (excluding references and appendices).



  1. Rationale and purpose of research

  2. Review of literature

  3. Research questions/Hypothesis


  1. Participants

  2. Study design, measurement and analysis plan

Expected Outcomes:


  1. Expected Results

  2.  Significance of study

  3.  Clinical Impact


III. Study Timeline and Budget justification (2-page limit)


Please describe study timeline and feasibility (the study must be completed in 1-year). Indirect expense, travel and dissemination costs are not to be included. Please indicate only direct costs related to study such as:

  1. Staff (e.g., research assistant, statistician) hiring costs

  2. Participant expenses

  3. Equipment and supplies


IV. Research Team and Infrastructure capacity (2-page limit)


  1. Describe strength of the clinical and research team, and research facilities available.

  2. Indicate experience with similar grants and projects.

  3. Letter of support from Institution

  4. Letter of support from Research mentor (if applicable)

Attach 2-4-page National Institutes of Health-style biographical sketch of all applicants/co-applicants. (


Reporting Requirements:


Principal Investigator must submit the following to The PROMPT Institute:

  1. A lay summary and significance of the study proposal (300 words) is required for the PROMPT Institute’s website (at start of study).

  2.  A 2-page progress report at approximately 6 months after start of the project.

  3. At the time of completion of the project (24-month)

    1. A 2-page final report is due.

    2. A lay summary of the study results and implications (300 words) for the PROMPT Institute’s website.

  4. Must submit a peer reviewed manuscript within 1 year following study completion.

  5. All conferences and publications related to the proposed study must acknowledge the funding support from The PROMPT Institute and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation.




The completed application should be submitted as ONE PDF file electronically to: before midnight March 31, 2019. Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by email.


Grant Notification and Distribution:


The successful applicant will be notified on or about May 1st 2020.


The research grant recipient will be announced on the PROMPT Research website.


Researcher must agree to the PROMPT Institute Grant Agreement. A sample agreement can be found below: 


Sample PROMPT Institute Grant Agreement


The first payment of the grant will be made upon REB approval (start of study), the second payment at the 12 month point depending on progress reports and the final payment when summary data is available (24 months) prior to publication. Failure to obtain REB approval by September 2020 will result in elimination from the grant competition.  


Questions regarding this competition should be addressed to:


Deborah Hayden

Research Director

The PROMPT Institute

404 Kiva Court, Suite E,

Santa Fe, NM, 87505 USA


Phone: +1 844-977-6678 ext. 704

Fax: +1 844-977-6678


**Updated December 11, 2019

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