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PROMPT Continuing Education Opps

Speech Pathologists are the only professionals with the prerequisite knowledge to learn and apply PROMPT in the holistic manner in which it is intended to be used. Therefore, only Speech Pathologists are eligible to take PROMPT training.


To become fully trained in PROMPT, a clinician must complete four requirements to be able to fully understand the PROMPT technique and apply it appropriately to clients/patients. Learn about the requirements for PROMPT certification here. However, we have a wide variety of optional educational opportunities listed below to improve your PROMPT skills.




Technique Demonstrations are a quick reference tool but not required for PROMPT certification. They are available for those who have completed the Introduction to PROMPT workshop. They provide a short video of a PROMPT Instructor demonstrating each PROMPT in isolation and then in a word or phrase. PROMPTs are organized so that beginning PROMPTers can easily and quickly find the PROMPT they need. 

American English


The American English Technique Demonstration is accessed through a subscrition to  PROMPT+. PROMPT+ is our online app available to Clinicians for $3.99 per month.



The Spanish Technique Demonstration can be found in the Online School.


Dutch, Hebrew, italian, swedish, german

Are currently in development and we anticipate completion in the second half of 2020. 



We have a wide variety of online courses (not required for certification) available to you to improve your PROMPT Technique and help you gain or refresh your skills. ASHA CEUs are offered for some of the online courses below. To access the following classes please log in to your PROMPT account and choose "Online Classes" under the "Clinicians" tab. If you haven't already you will have to create a PROMPT profile


PROMPT Fundamentals - Online Courses

  • How to Set Up a PROMPT Session
  • PROMPT Application Principles
  • Selecting Motor Phoneme Links
  • A Review of Complex PROMPTs
  • A Review of Surface PROMPTs
  • A Review of Parameter PROMPTs
  • A Review of Syllable PROMPTs
  • Treatment: Building Lexicon Complexity
  • Vowels 


Treatment Planning Series - Recorded Webinars

  • Treatment Planning Stages I and II: Recorded Webinar
  • Treatment Planning Stages III: Recorded Webinar
  • Treatment Planning Stages IV: Recorded Webinar
  • Treatment Planning Stages V: Recorded Webinar
  • Treatment Planning Stages VI: Recorded Webinar


Assessment Only Case Study - Online Courses

  • Case Study: Joe, Motor Speech Disorder (5 years and 4 months)
  • Case Study: Nico, Motor Speech Disorder, Down Syndrome (8 years old)
  • Case Study: Vivi, Motor Speech Disorder (3 years and 1 month)

Assessment and Treatment Planning Case Study Online Courses

  • Case Study: Garret, Motor Speech Disorder (3 years old)
  • Case Study: Liam, Cri Du Chat (2 years and 11 months)
  • Case Study Margaret, Motor Speech Disorder, Achondroplasia (4 years and 8 months)
  • Case Study: Quinn, Motor Speech Disorder (5 years and 5 months)
  • Case Study: Shea, Motor Speech Disorder (5 years and 2 months)

Other Online Courses

  • Autism and Apraxia Assessment & Treatment from a PROMPT Perspective 
  • Implementing PROMPT via Teletherapy (available in english, french, spanish, dutch) 
  • What is PROMPT - an Overview (available in english, spanish, turkish, hebrew)

Boom Cards

We have also created Boom Cards for Stages III, IV, and V. Decks for each stage are available at the PROMPT Institute Boom Card Store. PROMPT Boom Cards can be used on a tablet or computer during direct face to face therapy as well as in teletherapy.



This one-day optional workshop is designed to help PROMPT-trained clinicians become more proficient in their ability to utilize and execute the PROMPT technique. This intensive review contains a detailed review of the 4 levels of PROMPT (Parameter, Surface, Syllable and Complex).  Clinicians will be required to demonstrate each level during guided practice.  Video exemplars will be used to further illustrate technique for each level.  The PROMPT assessment and treatment planning process will be reviewed and applied to a case study.  

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Explain motor breakdowns using a completed System Analysis Observation (SAO), Motor Speech Hierarchy (MSH) with a specific case study.

  2. Explain motor speech goals, motor phoneme links, and treatment activities with a specific case study.

  3. Apply PROMPT principles.  

  4. Utilize 4 levels of PROMPT (Parameter, Surface, Syllable and Complex).

  5. Implement on-line shaping.

Click here to view the PROMPT Technique Refresher agenda


Click here to view the PROMPT Technique Refresher workshop schedule



This optional self-study project was developed for PROMPT-trained clinicians to support their ability to understand and apply the four levels of PROMPT technique. It allows clinicians to showcase their PROMPT technique and receive constructive feedback from a Certified PROMPT Instructor. The Technique Project may be completed at any time after the PROMPT Introduction to Technique course.

Click here to register for the Technique Project

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