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What is PROMPT?

PROMPT - A Unique Approach to Speech Therapy

Welcome to the PROMPT Institute! We hope in the following pages you will learn more about the PROMPT method, how to find a PROMPT-trained Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), and other helpful resources for you and your family. 

PROMPT Therapy is a unique philosophy and approach to assessment and treatment of speech delays or disorders. We understand that being a caregiver for someone with a speech disorder can at times be difficult and frustrating. It is often difficult to know whom to contact and which evaluation results really reflect the challenges your family member is facing. Read on to learn more about our unique approach to speech therapy or watch this two minute video that explains what we do in a straight-forward and non-technical way.

What is PROMPT Therapy Video:


PROMPT is most known for being a tactile-kinesthetic (touch and feel) approach where an SLP places his/her hands on the client’s face to guide his/her jaw, lips, and tongue to move correctly to form words.   


A Holistic Approach: 


What sets us apart at PROMPT is our holistic approach to therapy. We systematically determine where motor breakdowns occur using our special (unique only to us) assessment tools and something we call the Conceptual Framework which helps us determine priorities in treatment.

Communication is an interaction between the Social-Emotional ability to connect with others, Cognitive-Linguistic understanding of language, and Physical-Sensory ability to produce certain words. If any of these areas are disordered or delayed the client’s ability to communicate is impacted. Learn more about How PROMPT works here.

The Importance of Functional Speech: 


We focus on word targets that are relevant and have meaning to the client so s/he is connected and motivated to what s/he is learning. Your PROMPT clinician will come up with a motivating activity or game where the word can be repeated. Then the clinician will use his or her hands to support the motor movements as the client practices saying those words. Learning new motor skills takes a lot of practice and family members are essential for providing support.


The PROMPT-trained SLP will choose specific words (lexicon) to target the motor patterns a client needs experience in when using functional speech interactions. For instance, if a client tends to speak with a clenched jaw or restricted jaw opening, the SLP will choose words containing sounds such as, ‘ah’. Some target words and phrases might be ‘on’, ‘mama’, ‘pop’, or ‘all gone’. 


Is PROMPT therapy for you? 


An evaluation by a PROMPT-trained clinician is the only way to find out if a client is appropriate for PROMPT therapy. PROMPT therapy is used with a wide range of children and adults who have motor speech difficulties. The most common clients have motor speech disorders, articulation problems or are non-verbal children. Many clients with aphasia, apraxia/dyspraxia, dysarthria, pervasive developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries and autism spectrum disorders have benefitted from PROMPT therapy. Click here to find a PROMPT-trained SLP near you. 




The PROMPT Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to making PROMPT available to anyone, in any country, that can benefit from it. 


Your donation will help us to continue: 

  • vital research that determines the best treatment to help your family member achieve his/her highest level of communication possible
  • to expand PROMPT therapy training to ensure your SLP has the best PROMPT skills available to your family member
  • to continue to provide family education (like this page) to help you understand the best treatment approaches for your family member

If PROMPT has made a positive impact in your life, please consider making a monetary donation at the following link:

Thank you for your support!

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