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Family Testimonials
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Family members and caregivers of PROMPT clients are so important to the treatment process and play a crucial role in a client's success. We love hearing back from them!


Check out what's been said about PROMPT below:



Frankly, it was little easier to write the application request for PROMPT therapy than this letter, because now I have a 5 year old interrupting me with constant chatter in the background!!

What a difference PROMPT speech therapy has made in our lives!  This time last year we were working on fluency with an Alternative Augmentative Communication device (which is now collecting dust).  Today she is working on sight words, articulation, and writing.  Improving Jordyn’s motor planning has not only helped intelligibility, it has spurred a language explosion.  She speaks in sentences now and sings songs.  I have precious videos of her singing in front of our family.

From the time we took Jordyn to her initial PROMPT evaluation, I was super impressed with the PROMPT approach.  First off, our clinic only takes kids if they think they can help.  As a mother, the integrity of that policy spoke volumes.  About 20 minutes into the initial PROMPT evaluation, her evaluator, Ginny, prompted Jordyn for a sound, and she made the correct sound.  Jordyn couldn’t do that before, and I will never forget that.  I was convinced!

Jordyn has oral motor planning problems and her therapist, KaraLynne, trains her how to make the correct sounds.  Something different about PROMPT than other speech therapies is her therapist always gives us “homework.”  Her homework consists of fun ways to incorporate what she learned in the previous session in everyday life.  What I notice is the synergistic effect this therapy has in conjunction with all other efforts.  For example, as she gains control of movements and her speech intelligibly increases, she gains confidence and speaks more.

Looking back at the grant application videos, about 9 months ago, she could only answer questions in one or two word phrases.  Now, she can talk about what she wants and answer questions. One of the moments I will always remember is when Jordyn came home from school, and sang “God is so good.” Jordyn is now able to express her ideas and share her opinion.

Small Steps in Speech and PROMPT therapy have been life changing. Jordyn will go to kindergarten next year. She will be in a class with her typically developing peers. Although she will probably still need some speech therapy, she has a voice to share her feelings and ideas.  I cannot thank Small Steps in Speech enough for helping us obtain  PROMPT therapy for Jordyn!! Please let me express my gratitude for the voice in my house distracting  me from this letter. Because of this therapy, my little girl has a voice in this world. Her future is bright!


Carra Lewis

Arlington, VA




Small Steps in Speech provided a treatment grant to our son Adam and allowed us to dip our toes into the world of PROMPT Therapy. Within a few short months, it was obvious that Adam was benefiting from PROMPT. It was the first time Adam made any sounds that sounded like speech! It was amazing. Two years ago we were able to take Adam out of the special needs school he had been attending since age two. We introduced him to a mainstream public elementary classroom along with a 1:1 aide who provided sign language interpreting for him. We are very proud to share with you that through Adam’s continued hard work and grant providing PROMPT, Adam no longer requires the interpreter aide. He now communicates directly with his teachers, classmates, and friends with his very own voice!!! 

Thank you for helping us in the journey! Bless you all!


Adam’s family




Before PROMPT therapy, my son spoke very few words. He had just started putting two sounds together. He really only had approximations for words and they all sounded alike. PROMPT has made a world of difference for our son. He truly loves his sessions and best of all he knows how much it is helping him communicate. His speech is incredible now. There are definitely things he still works on but he speaks in sentences and is understood by pretty much everyone. He has gone from a self-contained classroom to a mainstream school. He is part of everything now because he can speak. Once our son could communicate everything else started to improve and fall into place like his play and connecting to peers. I would recommend PROMPT 100%, absolutely. It’s a game-changer. I have no idea where my son would be now if it were not for two years of PROMPT with Cheryl.




Our daughter Gretchen was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech when she was 2.5.  At 4.5 years old, she had around 5 sounds and was in the process of learning some signs to make communication easier.  She was very frustrated but also very smart. Since Apraxia only affects the muscles of her mouth, tongue and jaw but not anything cognitive, she understood EVERYTHING!  But when she was not able to effectively express herself it led to some very frustrating times. We were in conventional speech therapy and didn’t realize that PROMPT Therapy could help her more effectively.  Through a grant for therapy from Small Steps in Speech, we were able to get PROMPT therapy which she received 1 - 3 times per week for 11 weeks. The therapy made a noticeable difference in her talking and communicating.  She is not only attempting more words and sentences but is more understandable to the people that are around her all the time. Because of this, she is also less frustrated. She also is attempting to say her name, which admittedly is a VERY difficult name to say with her diagnosis.  I am not sure that a stranger would understand her saying her name but her family does and we are SO thankful!


~Gretchen’s Family




My son Adam began speech therapy at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center at the age of 13 months.  It was a very slow process. We had great therapists who were very experienced. When they exhausted all of their resources for him they advised us to seek out a PROMPT therapist.  At that point, the only sound he could make was “Ny-Ny” and “Mama”. Other than those sounds he was silent and he would only use his sounds with a great deal of encouragement and effort.


I set out immediately researching PROMPT and scheduled an evaluation. I could tell in a very short time that PROMPT was going to be the answer to our prayers.  We began treatment immediately and began hearing actual sounds from Adam that we had never heard before. He has continued PROMPT and continued to make steady progress gaining the ability to produce more sounds which eventually turned into syllables and now words.  Last year, at the age of 6, Adam began speaking out loud in sentences. This year we have discovered with great delight that many times strangers such as waitresses and other parents at the park will understand Adam and respond back appropriately. In fact, he even ordered his own meal at a local restaurant this week.  Adam has come further than I ever imagined. There was a point that I worried he would never speak. Now I know he will, because he is. He still has a long road ahead of him as he is learning each individual sound and how to connect different sounds together accurately.


Thank you Small Steps in Speech and PROMPT for all that you are doing.  You are truly making a difference!


Molly (Adam’s mom)



Many testimonials are from people who have received treatment grants for PROMPT therapy from the Small Steps in Speech organization - learn more about SSIS here.




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