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Preparing for a PROMPT Evaluation

Questions to Consider

In preparation for your first visit, here are a few questions to think about as food for thought: 

  • What information are you seeking from the evaluation? 

  • What are the client’s communication difficulties? 

  • Did the client reach developmental milestones such as crawling, walking, and dressing self within the expected range? 

  • Does the client have any difficulty with gross motor tasks (e.g. running, jumping, throwing)?

  • What are the client’s favorite activities (e.g. sports, leisure, etc)? 


Speech and language development

  • What was the client’s first word(s)? How old was the client?

  • Does the client combine words? If yes, when did this begin?

  • Does the client use gestures when communicating?

  • Can the client follow directions?

  • Is the client answering questions (e.g. yes/no, what, no, where)? 

  • How does the client’s communication compare to others his/her age? 

  • Does the client pronounce the beginning and ending sounds of words? 


Medical history

  • Were there any problems during the client’s first year of life? 

  • List the client’s hospitalizations, dates, and reasons.


Hearing information

  • Has the client had any ear infections? How frequently? 

  • Does the client have any hearing problems? 


Feeding history

  • Has the client had any feeding issues (e.g. choking, gagging, reflux)?

  • Does the client exhibit any feeding difficulties? 


School information

  • What grade and school is the client enrolled in?

  • What are the client’s usual grades?

  • Are there any subjects in which the client excels? Subjects that the client has difficulty with? 

  • Did the client receive Early Intervention services?

  • Has the client been evaluated and/or treated for speech language deficits? 

Most clinicians have their own forms and intake processes, but forethought on these issues will pave the way to starting off on the right foot.


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