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Parent Testimonials
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Jordyn - Age 4 - PROMPT Treatment Grant Recipient

"Frankly, it was little easier to write the application request for PROMPT therapy than this letter, because now I have a 5 year old interrupting me with constant chatter in the background!!

What a difference PROMPT speech therapy has made in our lives!  This time last year we were working on fluency with an Alternative Augmentative Communication device (which is now collecting dust).  Today she is working on sight words, articulation, and writing.  Improving Jordyn’s motor planning has not only helped intelligibility, it has spurred a language explosion.  She speaks in sentences now and sings songs.  I have precious videos of her singing in front of our family.

From the time we took Jordyn to her initial PROMPT evaluation, I was super impressed with the PROMPT approach.  First off, our clinic only takes kids if they think they can help.  As a mother, the integrity of that policy spoke volumes.  About 20 minutes into the initial PROMPT evaluation, her evaluator, Ginny, prompted Jordyn for a sound, and she made the correct sound.   Jordyn couldn’t do that before, and I will never forget that.  I was convinced!

Jordyn has oral motor planning problems and her therapist, KaraLynne, trains her how to make the correct sounds.  Something different about PROMPT than other speech therapies is her therapist always gives us “homework.”  Her homework consists of fun ways to incorporate what she learned in the previous session in everyday life.  What I notice is the synergistic effect this therapy has in conjunction with all other efforts.  For example, as she gains control of movements and her speech intelligibly increases, she gains confidence and speaks more.

Looking back at the grant application videos, about 9 months ago, she could only answer questions in one or two word phrases.  Now, she can talk about what she wants and answer questions. One of the moments I will always remember is when Jordyn came home from school, and sang “God is so good.” Jordyn is now able to express her ideas and share her opinion.

Small Steps in Speech and PROMPT therapy have been life changing. Jordyn will go to kindergarten next year. She will be in a class with her typically developing peers. Although she will probably still need some speech therapy, she has a voice to share her feelings and ideas.  I cannot thank Small Steps in Speech enough for helping us obtain  PROMPT therapy for Jordyn!! Please let me express my gratitude for the voice in my house distracting  me from this letter. Because of this therapy, my little girl has a voice in this world. Her future is bright!



Carra Lewis

Arlington, VA

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