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Thousands of Speech-Language Pathologists around the globe have taken Prompt Institute training. If you are searching for a PROMPT-trained SLP, you will most likely receive the best therapy from the therapist with the highest level of PROMPT Training.

PROMPT Instructors have the highest level of training from the PROMPT Institute. Most Instructors have been using PROMPT for 10+ years and are routinely required to demonstrate their excellence in PROMPT skills and knowledge. All PROMPT Instructors have completed every level of training below.

PROMPT Certified therapists have completed a certification process that demonstrates their effectiveness in using the technique. Please note that the SLP profession uses the term "certified" to mean that an SLP has taken the appropriate training to use a certain technique. It is best to ask an SLP claiming to be "PROMPT Certified" if the have completed their 4-month PROMPT Certification Project. PROMPT Certified therapists must complete Bridging and the Introduction course to apply for the certification project. 

PROMPT Bridging Trained therapists have completed the second level of PROMPT training. The second level of training increases a therapist's effectiveness through intensive assessment and treatment planning training. These therapists have completed the Introduction level of PROMPT training prior to taking Bridging. 

PROMPT Trained therapists have completed the Introduction level of PROMPT training. These therapists have a brief understanding of PROMPT assessment and treatment planning and are typically focused on mastering their hand technique in applying PROMPTs to their clients. These therapists do see results with their PROMPT clients, just not at the same level of effectiveness of those with higher levels of training. Within this category, the PROMPT Institute believes those who have taken training within the last two years likely have better technique. We recommend all therapists move on to Bridging within two years of taking Introduction. 

Please note that we converted our systems in December of 2015. Only SLPs that have updated their profile since the conversion can be found in the directory search. Parents/families having difficulty locating PROMPT-trained can request a search of our old data by emailing Please include an address, city, state/province (if applicable) and country that you would like as the center of the search. 



The PROMPT Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to making PROMPT available to anyone, in any country, that can benefit from it. 

Your donation will help us to continue: 

  • vital research that determines the best treatment to help your family member achieve his/her highest level of communication possible
  • to expand PROMPT therapy training to ensure your SLP has the best PROMPT skills available to your family member
  • to continue to provide family education (like this page) to help you understand the best treatment approaches for your family member

If PROMPT has made a positive impact in your life, please consider making a monetary donation at the following link:


Thank you for your support!


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